Centerstage ...
Dreams. Passion. Music. Costume.
Color. Happiness
Spotlight. Hope. Inspiration.
I remember I was in the first year of elementary school when I hit the stage for the very first time. I felt nervous, happy, excited, it was kinda fell in love for the first sight. Even as a young kid I could tell I'm happiest when I perform on the stage, with costumes, music, just under the spotlight.  That's  where my passion and dream begin.. I knew I wanted to be a performer, I wanted to create show, making dreams come true. My dreams then  lead me to unforgettable journey working with incredible choreographers, talents, performers - from Jakarta, Bali, Malaysia until Florida -  I am fortunate to be a part of big productions, travel the world, see amazing shows and get inspired. This is just the beginning of more collaborations and shows..
Dear World, Presenting... Gyscha Revrita Rendy

Milan Pole Dance Studio - Porta

Bangkok 24 Hours

Around the World

From Luang Prabang With Love

Pai Thailand

Love Affair With Hoi An


Chiang Mai

I.Heart.Hoi An


Kecak Dance - Club Med Cherating Beach

Formidable - Club Med Cherating Beach

Mauritius Sega Dance - Club Med Cherating Beach

Formidable Closing - Club Med Cherating Beach

Celebrating Indonesia Independence Day at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Michael Jackson Show "Beat It" Club Med Cherating Beach

Manuk Rawa & Malaysian Dance - Club Med Cherating Beach

MJ Show : Thriller - Club Med Cherating Beach

Daydreaming Away : Bangkok

Mallorca - Spain

City Guide Paris


New York City

Be Fabulous - New York

Gyscha..being Gyscha

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