Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Sintra, Portugal

When my girl and I were in Lisboa, Portugal a while ago, we took a train to Sintra visiting Pena Palace for a day. It was such a joy to see her dream come true as she wandering around the palace with curious eyes…

While she gets to tick Sintra off from her bucket list, I couldn’t be more grateful and happier to explore a little bit of Portugal with her and celebrate our birthdays together. We both fall in love with Portugal and pretty sure this won’t be our last time here.

This year life has given me waaay too many blessings/birthday presents, from perfect health to so many places around the world and of course all the good people I met along the journey. My Euro trip this time for sure has been a life-changing experience. In every places I visited, I found a lil bit of myself. I don’t know what’s going to happen next but hopefully I still get to do meaningful cool things, not only for me but also for others. This year I might get a year older, and you know they say life doesn’t get any easier. But whatever life throws me in the future, I hope I stay the same. Always fearless, bold, curious, strong and open-minded enough to accept and try new things. As much as I hate to find grey hair, but I can’t wait to grow old and see what life has in store for me. I know I’m only turning 30, but when I turn 60 one day, I hope my eyes have seen and experience life. Those wrinkles around my eyes, yes I earned it. And each line has seen beautiful, not so beautiful things but they’re a part of my journey. My legs have been walking through the hardest journey and finally, my heart only grows bigger and stronger. I love the way life truly humble us, surprise us in a way you never thought before.

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