Thursday, June 20, 2019

Seville, Spain

Greetings from sunny Seville!

Oh my loves, how I wish all of you were here with me right now enjoying summer in Spain. It’s really cool how last week I was surrounded by Italians, now here I am sitting in a cafe, secretly loving the way Spanish people living their lives. Nothing, nothing makes me happier than surrounded by people who speak different languages, come from different backgrounds. I don’t think words can even describe how incredibly happy, full and complete I am now. 

I’ve been dreaming about Seville for years. Since the day I left Mallorca in June 2015, I knew at some point I wanted to come back and explore more of Spain. To be here on my favourite month of the year ( hint: someone is turning 30 soon ) meant a lot to me. A reminder to believe in my dreams, to enjoy the moment, to trust life. 6 months ago when I secretly asked life to give me the biggest, possibly the best year, I never thought I’d be where I am today. Just the fact that I get to see my dreams come true everyday really blows my mind away and humbling in the same time. The past 11 months on the road have been the most exciting, challenging, absolutely one of the best chapters in my life. I could never get tired of waking up in new cities, strange places where I don’t know my way around. Even 90 % I can tell you it’s not always easy nor comfortable but in the end of the day I am grateful for life giving me space and time to do things I truly love. To explore, to evolve, to grow on my own pace. 

Seville truly spoils me. Not only with good jamon ( go to Taberna Coloniales for the best tapas in town ) but also rich history, colour, music, so much inspiration wherever you go. From Plaza de Espana, to Santa Cruz, to Las Setas de Sevilla, to La Giralda even if you just exploring random streets or neighborhoods, this place easily made it to my top favorite summer destinations, also the prettiest cities in Spain you definitely have to visit.

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