Thursday, April 4, 2019

Her Top 10 Favourite Places

I find it’s very hard to answer when people ask where’s the best place you’ve ever visited or favourite places around the world. Every place tells a different story, gives you a lesson, different experience you can’t quite get anywhere else. One thing I always remind myself from the beginning: never compare. Lately, travel means more than just sightseeing or visiting tourist destinations. I want to connect more with people and nature. I want to immerse myself in a different culture. I want to create, help others and give back. I want to travel with purpose. After running from one place to another for the past 10 years, I realised travel has been a huge part of me I can’t even explain. Travel has helped me to find myself, my purpose, favourite home away from home, new family, dream jobs, huge opportunities I never thought I could get in life, even travel helps me to fix my broken heart. It’s amazing the moment you decide to trust life, go into the uncertainty and get comfortable with the uncomfortable ( it’s painful sometimes ) life has amazing ways to surprise you. From Jakarta to Cape Town, from Orlando to Bhutan, from Singapore to South Africa, I’d like to share my top 10 favourite places with you. Any places with good people, raw nature, unique traditions and culture, chaos would steal my heart away.


Oh Nepal! You know you’re going to have a magical trip when the minute you land, you just feel this peaceful, calm feeling. You probably ask me what am I talking about, well it’s hard to describe it but Nepal has this good vibe you can’t really find anywhere else. I love how polite, kind and warm Nepalese people. It’s safe and cheap. Of course everybody knows about Mount Everest and Himalaya, but even if you just have few days to explore Pokhara and Kathmandu, you’ll see how Nepal going to blow your mind away and humble you.

Oahu, Hawaii

If I can’t make it to Los Angeles and New York, Oahu Hawaii would be my third dream cities in the USA. I love any cities with mountains and beaches, plus Hawaiian people are super cool and chill. I am grateful that I got to spend some time exploring Oahu last September 2018. What is life when all you do everyday just hiking, beach, poke bowl and repeat?

New York

It all started from MTV TRL and Sex and The City. I always picture myself, 30 something, run around New York City wearing stylish and chic red coat and a coffee in my left hand. A modern day Carrie Bradshaw. If you ask me what are my biggest dreams, I’d say moving to New York. I want to work in the biggest, coolest entertainment companies in the world. Continue creating bigger contents with my dream team, making positive changes, be a part of huge productions, see things happen on a big scale. I can continue talk about it but yes there’s something about New York City that you won’t find it in other big cities. I love how NYC offers big opportunities for those who wish to pursue a career in entertainment industry. From Broadway, to SNL, to fashion industry, and late night jazz session or just an afternoon stroll in Central Park, I’m still dreaming of New York City. Endless possibilities.


One random evening I was having dinner with my girl in Singapore. I told her I wanted to visit Cuba but of course I had no idea how I’m going to go there. Less than 5 months, my company sent me to Cuba for a special project. Oh, the beauty of dreams come true! I love Cuban people, culture, Old Havana is just soooo beautiful and inspiring.

Komodo Island, Indonesia

I visited Komodo Islands in 2018 with a goal not only to see komodo but also to see the last sunset of the year and the first sunrise of 2018. I joined an open trip with Indahnesia, a travel company you can find on Instagram. It was my first ever experience live aboard for 3 days and honestly the best way to end the year and start a new year with a bang. We did a lot of hiking, snorkeling, island-hopping and visited Komodo National Park. I’ve been incredibly lucky to travel the world but haven’t seen so much of Indonesia, so I told myself once a year visit at least one new place in Indonesia, not just Bali. This place still remains as one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. The nature just wowww.

Kyoto, Japan

I visited Japan for the first time in 2018. Such a cool country with unbelievably good food! I can’t wait to go back and explore more of Japan someday.

South Africa

I celebrated my 29th birthday in Cape Town, Durban and Mpumalanga, South Africa. Nothing beats early morning game drive to see the big 5 roaming free in nature.


I will never forget my first time visiting Myanmar. I was lost, didn’t know how to get to certain places, but Burmese people were very kind to help me. From a man who walked me to the bus stop, to two girls who dropped me back to the airport and even paid for my bus ticket, to so many Burmese I met along my journey…everyone was so kind and friendly. I celebrated end of 2017 in Bagan on a hot air balloon ride, I remember I told the universe I wanted to revisit Myanmar again and so last year I made it back to Yangon, Mandalay and Inle Lake.

Sumba, Indonesia

I recently visited Sumba, Indonesia for 5 days after been dreaming about this hidden paradise for so long. Sumba is absolutely stunning. I am going to post more about Sumba in the next few days, but in the meantime if you have any plans to visit Indonesia sometime this year, be sure to put Sumba on your list. The easiest way to explore Sumba just join the open trip by Alam Indonesia ( you can find them on Instagram ). They run tours every Thursday for USD350 for 5 days 4 nights and USD290 for 4 days 3 nights. All inclusive, except flight tickets. Of course you can still explore Sumba on your own, but keep in mind, some places in Indonesia still very raw and it’s always good to have local people with you.


Trust me when I say Bhutan is one of the special countries you should experience once in your life time. It’s more than just magical. I visited Bhutan last February 2019 to attend the Punakha Festival only to find myself completely in love with Bhutanese people, culture and beautiful nature. Two weeks after my trip I released my first travel zine of my little adventure in Bhutan.

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