Thursday, January 10, 2019

Bergen, Norway

Flashing back to my first time ever visiting beautiful Bergen last October. When I arrived early morning in the city it was raining non stop I almost decided to skip Bergen and move on to the next destination. But I like to think I bring the joy and sunshine wherever I go, so I pray for the weather gets better at least for the next few days. Guess what? The next two days happened to be warm and sunny, I even met few fearless girls and we shared not only lunch at Ruccola Cafe but also adventures. I mean, nothing’s like traveling with like-minded people.

Looking at these pictures bring back so many good memories. From the smell of warm Norwegian sweet buns and hot chocolate I always got from local cafe Godt Brodt, long walk and hike to Ulriken, Floyen and Floibanen, colorful houses, refreshing crisp air and gorgeous fall colors. Exploring Norway in autumn is nothing short of a magical experience. 

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