Thursday, December 20, 2018

Mont Saint Michel

One of the best things I’ve learned from leaving your comfort zone and throw yourself into the unknown is you always meet new people. The kind of people who build and break you, people who give you stage to shine, room to explore, make mistake, learn a little bit more of yourself and others. They give you love, lessons, comfort. Roll down the window and pump the music up in your life. They make your dreams come true, also some just break it into pieces but you learn to rise again anyway. And if you’re lucky enough to meet the best ones, they become your family. They become home, a place you always return to no matter how far you go on your adventures. Even you don’t always talk everyday or meet them often and life happens, you know the magic still there. The kind of special people who make you who you are today. This year I am so grateful for life give me opportunity to see the world and catch up with my loved ones. I managed to surprise one of the strongest, kindest, brightest, most beautiful women with the biggest heart after haven’t seen her for almost 5 years. Thanks to my favorite partner in crime: Rocky and Valerie for working together with me from day one I landed in France.

From a woman who teach me to be strong, speak out, live unapologetically, confident, even introduce me to the show world and centerstage.. It feels good to see Ana shine even brighter when she does her things ( teaching, sharing love through dancing, yoga, zumba even motherhood ) Her energy is super contagious I wish all of you were there in the room or just know her personally.

It felt like as if I’m coming home, to the warmth of love and family, sound of laughter I haven’t heard for ages, and the sweetest hugs and kisses from little angel Nael. We even did a half day trip to Mont Saint Michel and celebrate Rocky’s birthday. Talking about the right timing, who knew life would reunite us in the most wonderful time of the France! All of us used to share backstage and centerstage, dance-laugh-eat-our heart out in Malaysia back in 2010. I’ve been incredibly blessed the past 8 years have been huge and special but if someone ever ask me which year was my most special year, it’s so easy for me to say... Cherating Beach, 2010. I got a chance to work for a year with so many special people who trust, respect and appreciate me. Despite of my zero or very little experience, they have faith in me. And I gave my all, 100% just like how they always gave me their 100% and expect nothing in return but be yourself, be better everyday.

Walking alone chasing dreams can be quite scary sometimes but special moments like this when God sends you beautiful people to teach, inspire and protect you makes every journey truly worth it.

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