Sunday, December 23, 2018

Ålesund, Norway

2 more weeks til 2019! Who’s excited?

I am currently in Austria. Cold, but super pretty. Again, I always have these images of Austria ( especially Hallstatt ) covered in snow in my mind, so it’s been incredibly special to see those images come to life for the past week. Can’t wait to share the pictures on the blog, but meanwhile let me take you back to my favorite 4 days chilling in Alesund, Norway. It seems only yesterday I hiked up Fjellstua Viewpoint but these pictures below were taken last October where I did backpacking for a month exploring Sweden and Norway. I had soooo much fun in Bergen, literally just walking-hiking-hot chocolate-pole dancing everyday. I was so tired on my last day I almost give up to continue my journey to the north. Plus the weather was grey and rainy, I mean I know it’s a typical weather in Norway but I just miss the sun. So I spent about an hour checking out flights to Berlin and Spain, almost booked the ticket when my girl came to my room and introduce a German girl who happened to go to Alesund after Bergen. They both convinced me to join them, so instead of leaving Norway - well I found myself sitting in a bus for about 8 hours to Alesund. Best bus ride ever! It was sunny, the sky was blue, as if the universe trying to tell me, don’t rush, take your time… just enjoy. When it comes to nature, we all know Norway will never disappoint. Even in the ugliest weather, Norway knows how to run the show. I could just sit in the bus for…ever and enjoying the view, daydreaming. Just when you think you’ve seen the prettiest things in Norway, oh wait a minute… nature has special ways to ‘wow’ you. 

Our original plan was staying in Alesund for 2 days then Tromso and of course Lofoten islands to see the northern lights. But after rushing from one city to another, my body started to tell me to please slowwww down. Rest. It’s okay if you can’t make it to Lofoten islands this time, there’s always next time. So instead of rushing to Lofoten islands - I decided to stay at the nicest airbnb, rest, and enjoy Alesund. It’s a pretty little town afterall, the good thing is there’s nothing much to do so you can take a little break and rest. One thing I love about traveling, yes you get to see so many places and meet people but also you learn so much about yourself. You learn to listen to your body, your heart, follow your footsteps, when to stop and when to continue , turn right or turn left, to breathe and to let go. Alesund reminded me to breathe in, it’s still a good day even all you do just staying in bed, read book, drink lots of tea, and morning walk to Fjellstua Viewpoint. 

First time and certainly won’t be my last, look forward to visiting Alesund again perhaps next summer. 

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