Sunday, November 4, 2018

Oahu, Hawaii

See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me
And no one knows, how far it goes
If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
One day I'll know, if I go there's just no telling how far I'll go

Someone is having a little Moana moment here...

Last September I visited Hawaii for the first time. Hawaii has always been on my bucket list, but somehow last year around the same time when I have to make decision between Nepal or Hawaii, I decided Hawaii can wait but celebrating Deepavali in Nepal might just be one of the best experiences in life. And in the end of the day, everything has it’s own time. I’m grateful both Hawaii and Nepal give me different kind of experiences, at the right time with the right people. Even just editing the pictures and updating my blog again after three months off - honestly I still can’t believe this year I had unintentionally made it to 31 countries before turning 30. Something I never thought I could accomplish. I’ve been incredibly lucky and blessed enough to visit so many beautiful places in the world but I never really count how many countries I’ve been until I reached the top of Koko Head, Oahu. After two hours struggling climbing up the stairs, I remember I almost give up because it was hard but I told myself listen…just one more step. One more step. C’mon Gyscha, one more. And I did cry for a minute, feeling an overwhelming sense of immense gratitude when I finally reached the top. The view from Koko Head obviously breathtaking ( with bonus: sunset! ), but it’s the hard work to get there that makes me proud. Just like anything else in life, I can’t count how many times I feel like giving up but I always believe you have to work really hard to get a little luck. Do the hard things that people won’t do so you get to places that people can’t. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but it’s the failures, heartbreaks, ups and downs, persistence and faith that make the journey even more interesting. 

Hawaii brings me joy and a sense of calm and peace. Maybe it’s the people, nature, salt water, clear blue skies or just Hawaiian good vibe, but something about this island just so magical. It’s like the universe sprinkles magic dust and you just can’t help to feel good. At the beginning I had this plan to explore Kauai, Maui, Oahu and The Big Island all in two weeks but I don’t want to rush, so I ended up just staying in Oahu and oh boy, it was the best decision! There are sooo many things to do here that even 14 days isn’t enough. I started my day pretty early, grab breakfast and coffee then hiking the entire morning, after that long nap on Kailua beach until sunset ( Waikiki beach too crowded so I never hang out there ). I know, what a life! If you love hiking and beach’ing like me, Oahu has so many beautiful hiking trails for all skill levels. From the easiest one Diamond Head, to Lanikai Pillboxes, Manoa falls, Pu’U’Ohulu Kai, Hanauma Bay Trail, Makapuu Lighthouse Trail, to Koko Crater Railway Trail and many more. Just wear your comfortable running shoes, bring water and maybe snacks and you’re good to go! Oh one more, sunscreen duh! I have no idea why I never use sunscreen, maybe because I thought I never get sunburn, until it was my second week in Oahu and I started to get really bad sunburn. But hey better late than never. I also went on a photography tour with Oahu Photography Tours for $159. They pick you up about 5 am in your hotel, then take you around the island to some of the coolest spots that not many tourists know so it was cool to hang out with bunch of photographers exploring Oahu together. 

One of my favourite moments in Oahu was definitely when I found my way to Hanauma Bay Trail. I was going to spend my lazy afternoon in Hanauma Bay, but then I looked up and I saw people hiking. I thought oh there must be a way to get up there. So I walked around and eventually found my way to Hanauma Bay Trail, spent few hours hiking alone, caught a beautiful sunset. Words can’t even explain how I felt on that moment. Like I love how mountains, the ocean, or hills can make you feel so tiny, but in the same time your dreams can be bigger than the universe. And life just celebrates you, life loves you way too much that everything you want in life, they’ll make it happen. Standing at the edge of Hanauma Bay Trail, secretly wishing for time would slow down a bit so I can enjoy the sunset a little longer, I feel my heart almost burst with happiness as I count my blessings on opportunities, places, and accomplishments I’ve achieved this year. 

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