Thursday, November 8, 2018


I visited my girl in Los Angeles recently after spending about two weeks in Oahu, Hawaii. It’s always good to be back in La La Land, even sometimes I feel like this city can be very intimidating from the sense so many big things happening here and so many people trying to make it big in LA, but in the same time I just love the creative vibe here. It inspires you, challenges you to be more creative. This time, I challenged myself to sign up for couple of dance classes. Who knew it was actually pretty scary to dance in new studios that you’re not really familiar with. The moment you walked in, and the girls would looking at you from head to toe but everything turned out extremely well. I had so much fun learning from different instructors and dancers - also midnight Korean BBQ and long conversations about dreams and life with my Brooke. I’m grateful for life always sending me the right people, a support system that being with them can turn the most impossible dreams into reality. It’s the unconditional love and endless support you receive from your loved ones that keep you going.

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