Wednesday, July 25, 2018

From Singapore With Love

"The things we take granted for, someone else is praying for..."

Happy birthday Singapore!

I will always remember visiting this country for the very first time when I was only...15? 16? My group left me so I had to figure out my way to find them, which led me to Raffles Place. Long story short, 12 years later I made it back to Raffles Place. Only this time I wasn't a tourist, I was a girl who  landed her dream job in her dream company.  

But we're not gonna talk about it for now, honestly I can't remember when was the last time I really take my time exploring Singapore. After living here for almost 3 years, I thought I know Singapore pretty well or at least I have visited most of places and that's when I stopped exploring. Being incredibly lucky and blessed to live in the safest, cleanest country in the world, I'd admit it, I take things for granted. I was on my way to my dance studio this afternoon after getting my nails done when I passed a quiet street around Outram Park area. My best friend lives just two blocks away and I visit her regularly, but maybe I was too busy walking and doing unnecessary things that I didn't even notice the simple joy, simple beauty around me. Like an empty street, pink skies, mural wall paintings...and oh so many things. Those simple things that I know I will miss a lot or I wish to appreciate them often, just because nothing lasts forever and we never know how long I'm gonna live here. I still remind myself every single day to make the most of my time living in Singapore. Always be grateful because so many people out there may not as lucky as me and they'd love to experience what I currently have. 

So I stopped for a while to enjoy the moment, took few pictures... I promise to explore more often, because when it's my turn to move on and eventually I have to leave the country to pursue bigger opportunities, I don't want to look back with regrets and wish I did things differently.

With love,

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