Thursday, July 5, 2018

Durban, South Africa

Some people come into your life as blessings, while others come into your life as lessons.  

Durban express to visit my Disney babies! 
Moment like this where I get to travel the world, make new friends or reunite with some very special people in my life in new places I've never been before make me realize how lucky and blessed I am. Even just looking at these happy pictures below truly warms my heart. It all started from a dream to work at one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world that finally led me to Disney few years ago, who knew I'd find the best treasure: family, home sweet home. Some special girls I got to share apartment, sushi, good and bad times, so much good memories with. Looking back, sometimes it's not always easy to make decision... When you have this huge dream running 24/7 in your mind, you have all these questions; whether you want comfort over growth, or growth over comfort, are you ready to let go some things so you have extra space for bigger things,  get comfortable with uncertainty, step out of your comfort zone and figure out things on your own, etc.... And if you just have courage to keep going, believe in yourself...not only your hard work will pay off but also life will surprise you in the most unbelievable ways. My favorite kind of surprise is definitely meeting people who inspires you, who moves you. 

Thank you Esther and family, also Nadine and lil Zac for having me in Durban! Turning 29 in South Africa with you girls was the best thing happened in my life. 

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