Friday, July 6, 2018

Cape Town

Cape Town reminds me of love at first sight. You know the joy, comfort, warmth feeling when you finally come 'home'. When everything feels so familiar and you just connect with the city and the people sooo easy that you don't even feel like a tourist or visitor anymore. They greet you with smile, love, inspiration, clear blue skies, stories that you secretly wish for once you have a superpower to control the time because the truth is 5 days in Cape Town isn't enough. The city inspires you; late night drive and whiskey sour, dance with strangers and conversations at 4 am, early morning hike to Table Mountain on your birthday ( coolest thing I've ever done in my life ), long walk along Muizenberg, Uber ride and another conversations about life... Cape Town introduced me to bunch of beautiful souls, reconnect me with nature, reminded me again to put myself and my happiness first. Here I am leaving pieces of myself in Cape Town, only to look for the missing parts in the next. One more wine, one more kiss, one more... it's always gone too soon. 

Ps: Special thanks to my main bru Guy Thompson for making sure I have the best time in Cape Town even though you're far in Korea. 

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