Saturday, March 31, 2018


Life is a series of tiny miracles.

That was the first thing that came to my mind when I organized tons of pictures from my camera this morning. I couldn't help but smiling as I scroll up and down the view button and found even more old pictures from places I honestly never thought I'd visit in my life. One of my favorite pictures was my colleagues and I standing in front of Abbey Road Studios, London after spending couple of days working on exciting project there back in April 2017. Wait, how on earth did I get to visit London and even get to share my dreams with others at Abbey Road Studios? As a kid, I heard about the famous studio for the very first time through The Beatles Abbey Road album, and growing up I've always wanted to contribute something, make positive changes for music industry but obviously I didn't know how. I just love the idea you get to help and inspire others. I still remember that afternoon I was super nervous when I had to do a short presentation on stage, realizing some people I truly admire sitting on the front row...only few inches from me. A thin line between dreams and reality. It's like one day you find yourself dreaming of creating big things with inspiring, humble people that you can only see or hear their names on television or internet, and the next day you're actually creating those things with them under the same roof. And if that's the reward you get after working so hard to chase your dreams, no matter how hard it can be, I'll definitely do it all over again.

Those tiny miracles also brought me to reunite with two good friends of mine, Valerie and Dodo. We spent a day playing tourist around London, from sharing burgers and beers to watching An American in Paris ( oh even dancing to Moulin Rouge Cancan in the park!!! ) I couldn't be more grateful and happier to spend couple of days in London with some of my favorite people. Looking forward to visiting the UK soon but for now just looking at these pictures make me happy enough, plus knowing my best friend who moved to London about 4 months ago is living her dreams. Talking about tiny miracles, sometimes we don't know where life will take us... 

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