Friday, July 20, 2018

Colmar, France

Colmar, the perfect dreamy little town in the Alsace region of northeastern France is only few hours by train from Basel or Strasbourg. I remember the first time I stumbled upon Colmar images on Instagram, I thought this little town was everything I ever dream about my simple life in Europe one day.  Cobblestone streets, old buildings, charming old town, cafe, conversations in French. I told myself I have to visit this place one day and I am so glad it didn't take me a very long time to cross Colmar off my bucket list.

Where to stay? I stayed at Hotel Le Marechal located in old town of Colmar. Beautiful hotel, romantic room, great service, great location! Just parfait!

What to do? The good news is, Colmar is soooo tiny that you can see everything in an hour or two. This place is perfect if all you want to do just relax, sip coffee, pastries and more pastries s'il vous plait. I spent 3 days 2 nights there with pretty much the same itinerary: walk around, take pictures, coffee break, read book, eat, nap and repeat.

What to eat? Colmar is famous for tarte flambee, pastries and of course wine! But my highlight was definitely dinner at La Pignata, an Italian restaurant located about 15 minutes walk from old town. Excellent service ( the owner and staff were really sweet to me ), great food... Don't ask me why Italian food in Colmar, I just love pasta and risotto, I could eat them anytime!

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