Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Japan obviously has always been on my bucket list. So glad I made it for almost 2 weeks exploring both Tokyo and Kyoto. Tokyo can feel really overwhelming for visitors, especially if you're first timer like me. So many places to visit, so much good food to try, but oh so little time. It took me a while to finally understand the transportation system, train tickets, get from one place to another, order food in my basic Japanese, etc. Thanks to my wonderful Japanese colleagues who organized most of my itineraries, including list of restaurants to try. My highlights would definitely be my first okonomiyaki dinner with colleagues, then I took my birthday girl to check out some pole dancers at Tantra ( I'm a pole dancer and I love my pole community back in Singapore, so it's always great to support other pole dancers ) which surprisingly the girls picked us on stage and let me pole dancing. Also bar hopping, Sushi no Midori, coffee date and Shinjuku with my girls, sushi at 5 am, just randomly went to  Han no Daidokoro Kadochika without reservation but the staff were too sweet they let me in and I had the best kobe beef in my life ( plus the chef just too cute to be true!!! )

20 or 30 years from now, when I'm old and grey I hope I still know how to have fun, celebrate life, do spontaneous things, never stop creating, traveling and exploring...treat myself, even if it's just a cup of coffee. And always, always be grateful for life has given me everything I ever asked for. 

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