Sunday, March 5, 2017

Take Your Broken Heart, Make It Into Art

Take your broken heart, make it into art
-Carrie Fisher-

I recently just purchased Sony A6000 with their incredible E-mount lens SELF50F18. I thought this year I wanted to step up my photography game, and as much as I love my Canon G16 - I really want to learn how to create a better visual storytelling through photography. I'm trying my best to go out and shooting on my free time, however these pictures are raw but Sony A6000 just does an amazing job with colour and I can't wait to explore more before I'm leaving for my next lil adventures. Also I'm currently working on my travel book and started to write for magazines again, with so many amazing things happened at work for the past year, I just want to make sure I have enough time to catch up on my side projects. Talking about living a well-balanced life...and turning those broken hearts / dreams into arts

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Keep up the amazing work Gyscha xx