Sunday, September 18, 2016

In Her Shoes

These past few weeks ( or for as long as I can remember ) life has been full. From the photoshooting I did with one of my favorite brands and it went live this morning on UNIQLO, to my recent collaboration with Trip 101 and International Living. Also I had a chance to audition with a theatre community over here ( after almost 2 years off from centerstage, it felt good to be back under the spotlight ) and eventually I started to see huge progress at work too.

2 years ago I worked at Disney World sharing my passion about tourism and Indonesian culture, I can honestly say it was one of the most prolific life-changing experiences I've had thus far. Opened my eyes to all the possibilities this world could provide and if you really want something, a big change in your life, you can make it happen. 2 years later, I get to curate playlists for every mood and genre at Spotify.  Wow what a difference two years make ! I still remember last year when my best friend told me how my life would change for the better, I just never thought it would be this huge ! I spend hours at work listening to music, discover new talents, tell a story through playlists ! Nothing beats having your work appreciated so much, to know people love your curation, the new artists get noticed by new fans, and I bring back so much nostalgia and emotions by featuring old songs - ohh that feeling just... amazing ! It makes coming to work totally worth it. At some point I keep asking myself what else can I do today ? What's next ? Wish I could slow down a bit but when there's so much happening in life, you just can't wait to win some more. 


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There was something tremendously powerful about her. Like the sea it never mattered whether she was still and serene or in the throes of a storm, there was always a danger of drowning

Photo by : Hasanah Andara

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