Sunday, July 3, 2016


Welcome to a dreamy coastal town in Southwestern Italy, facing the bay of Naples on the Sorrentine peninsula and only 40 minutes bus ride from Positano or Pompeii - I had no idea there's actually many places you can explore around Positano until my travel buddy told me about his half day trip to Sorento and the next day of course I took the first bus to check out what Sorrento has to offer. The small town features beautiful architectures, shops, cafes and restaurants catering to tourists. Perfect for a half day visit, you can spend couple of hours on the beach / Marina picola, or enjoy a cup of coffee and chocolate eclairs at one of the cafes around Piazza Tasso, wandering around the little alleys and capture 2 or 50 pictures if you love photography like me, walk down to the marina continue with another coffee or wine break, then catch your bus back to Positano ( EUR 2 /way ), or Circumvesuviana rail system to Pompeii, Naples, or other towns. 

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