Saturday, July 23, 2016

Life's Good

I grew up watching my mum worked really hard for the family. She teaches at the university, so when she got morning classes she'd leave home earlier than us and of course came back home late when she got to teach the evening classes. Sometimes she even invited me to sit in her classes and I saw how her students really love and respect her. The whole picture of career-oriented woman in her inspired and motivated me to be just as strong, amazing and humble as her. Do what you love, love what you do... I remember I couldn't wait to finish high school simply because I wanted to work, I wanted to have a job so bad. I wanted to dress up, you know like those morning female CEO's morning looks where she glides through an expansive lobby balancing her phone in her left hand, checking those emails and appointments, while trying to sip her morning coffee. She walks confidently her way up in the elevator. She makes positive changes, no matter how small or big, and continuously inspiring others. So I got my very first job as a tourist guide after I graduated high school. I came to sooooo many job interviews only to get rejected - people thought I was so young and had to wait couple of more years to finish university, but I just couldn't wait to be really productive and do something interesting at least for myself first. Right when I almost gave up, the expat community in Jakarta called me, they hired me the same day to work part time as a tourist guide. Of course I had no experience before at tourism industry, but I've always loved meeting people and confident at public-speaking, I was quite familiar with Java, Bali and Jakarta and wanted to work with people from different backgrounds. The manager saw that I was willing to learn and work hard, he gave me chances and the rest is history. I am thankful for him to give me that huge opportunity when no one else didn't believe in me. 

8 years later... here I am. Enjoying my morning commute to work, I do grab my coffee every morning and check my emails, dress up depends on the mood( because a girl should be two things : classy and fabulous ) or ripped jeans - blazer - with a touch of red lipstick or no make up at all when I'm too...lazy. Still, oh always, bubbly, crazy, energetic and I constantly remind myself to take a break, a little pause, live in the moment and appreciate little things in life. Even tho in a real life, when I'm overwhelmed and overloaded at work - I just forgot to pause, instead just pushing myself like what I did last week and promised once it's done I would take a walk, treat myself with iced coffees, take couple of pictures, just a little break to clear my mind. One of the things I absolutely love most about Singapore is definitely my office is located strategically in the city center, so it's easy and convenient to walk to Esplanade, Marina Baysands and City Hall. I love taking my evening walk all the way to Marina, and stare at the view of tall buildings behind me. It reminds me of the long journey I had to go through before I got here, and how grateful I am to be able watching miracles happen every single moment in life, dreams come true, those little thoughts become things, surrounded by soooo much love... that I still have to pinch myself and whisper is this even real

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