Monday, June 27, 2016


It doesn't matter how exhausted or hectic my days, logging into my personal blog and write something - even just a little bit, always feels like therapy. And scrolling down to the very first page I wrote about 4 years ago, I just never thought my diary would take me faaaaarrrr away through a lot of adventures and some days end up watching my dreams come true.


I can't think of other words to express how I feel right now but simply be where I am right now, healthy, I have more than enough, I can breathe and God gave me another day - another chance to live the kind of life I want, surrounded by kind and amazing people. Last week I celebrated my birthday in Italy, at a very small town of Positano-Amalfi Coast. Had quite a lazy day on the beach, went hiking and singing out loud at the top of the hill, dancing on the street ( people might think this girl was crazy ) chased the sunset, met new people and obviously I spoiled myself with good wines, espressos  and Italian food...after all the hard work I've done for the past few months, I'm so happy to take a little break and just having some big quality me-time. For the past 8 years I've been very lucky to celebrate my birthday in different places. I don't throw big parties, but I do celebrate in special ways. I have always loved the idea to book flight tickets, escape a little bit from my routines and just explore new places. From Cambodia to New York, from Sydney to Milan, Malaysia to Bali, and currently in Rome, birthday trip has been one thing I always look forward to do each year. Well, we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us, right ? So let's celebrate, appreciate more little things in life, clear your mind and come back with a better version of you...

I am blessed to start 2016 with a new job that not only allows me to learn and grow every single day with my team, but also lets me to explore, make positive changes, experience different things, even dance to my own beat. I also found myself a new home where I can rest, write, create and begin again. At this stage of my life, where life's like a white canvas and it's up to you - what color, shape, or story do you want to draw there - I'm glad I always have the courage to paint with different colors, draw the kind of line and write the story I want, it doesn't always look beautiful or perfect, but hey we don't compare - instead we keep learning and improving, and that's how I simply in love with my life, myself, curious of what's next but never rush, always one step at a time.

Photos by : Dani Budiawan

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