Saturday, May 21, 2016


How magical life can be ?

One night I was sitting at the edge of my bed, looking outside the window of my tiny apartment with so many things and questions running in my head. I could see my neighbors started to turn off their lights, somehow it felt so quiet but it's the perfect time to just take some time to summarize my day, thinking what I've done today...what I want to achieve tomorrow and what's next. 
Well, I'm living the dream in Singapore. Living the kind of life I designed. A 27-year old little lady who's super lucky to get to do things she loves, working with music and entertainment industry, she travels a lot and writes on her free time. She loves herself a little too much, enjoy having drinks with her girls after work and dance and sing to her favorite songs while walking towards the train station. I used to think I am Carrie Bradshaw but obviously I am not and a lot happier to be the best version of myself. 
Life is magical. From the moment I decided to dream big and live big, it never be the same again. Even sometimes it's hard, that I don't think people would want to walk in my shoes but I am glad I always have the courage to fight, go above and beyond - dedicate hours and hours to work on my dreams so I get in places I've always wanted to be.
So here I am...exactly where I need to be. Between the drum beats, beautiful lyrics, melody and rhythm, I have all the freedom and space to create and inspire. I have purpose to do cool things to help musicians and fans, it may be a small contribution but through music, everything seems possible and yes you can always make positive changes. As much as I am curious what's next, but I really don't want to rush things. It's amazing how life loves you so much that everything you want...including big opportunities just coming into your hands. 
What's your favorite magical moment in life ?
Apart of what I have now, let me take you back to one of magical mornings in my life. Can't believe it actually took me almost a year to post all these pictures from Venice. Waking up in Venezia !!! Last minute decision always the best. My best friend and I left Rome to see what Venice has to offer. An overnight train ride took us to beautiful morning in Venezia, wandering around little streets with few coffee / gelato break. Santa Maria della Salute that was once I could only see through pictures ( oh we also have the fake one in Italy pavilion at EPCOT, Disney World ) finally became so real. Just like Cinque Terre, Burano, or Rome - Venice has stolen my heart too. I decided to return to Italy this summer to celebrate my birthday and once again let life surprises me..

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