Sunday, May 8, 2016

San Francisco

Happy Mother's Day to all amazing mothers out there

I spent my weekend at home, literally just chilling in bed. Isn't it the best part of weekend, where you can be lazy ? I just moved into my new apartment about a month ago and to be really honest, it feels great to unpack and settle in, find myself a home after few years traveling. So does that mean, am I done here ? No more traveling ? Definitely nope ! Never. Being incredibly lucky to travel the world and meet new people, home means some of very special people I know. I've spent about 4 years on the road, from Malaysia to USA, from Spain to Cambodia ( that's including sleepless nights at the airport or night buses ) Waking up in a new city, I never try to find a home - but to make one... til one day I guess I've reached the point where I'm restless...for a home. 

Moving to Singapore after Orlando was definitely a great big change in my life. The country offers not only huge opportunities in entertainment industry but also the lifestyle where I mostly enjoy how convenient the public transportation is ( if you born and raised in Jakarta, I'm sure you know what I mean ). I am grateful to do cool things every single day with bunch of creative people, still able to travel, and in the end of the day coming home to a place where I can rest, relax, and begin again simply mean a true luxury to me. 

While I love every single moment living my new chapter in Singapore, I still have couple of places in my mind that I would love to live. Some people that knows me well, they know how I'm obsessed with New York City - but it's totally a different experience when I visited San Francisco in March 2015. You've heard it many times "..left my heart in San Francisco", fortunately that's what happened to me and I am sure to everyone who's been there. Who doesn't fall in love with San Francisco ? Pretty houses that make you dreaming how it feels like to live there, office buildings that leave you curious what's happening inside and how much you wanted to be a part of exciting projects and if only ohhh you can move and just grab that opportunity. I remember I spent about 6 hours walking non-stop on my first day exploring San Francisco, made it to Golden Gate bridge and the rest just wandering around...even in a strange place like this, I could feel like I am home. 

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