Tuesday, April 26, 2016

When in Rome

One of the highlights of 2015 was definitely my first Euro trip I did with my best friend for 3 months. We've been through the good and bad times together, hop on and off the plane only to find ourselves got lost and completely in love with a new place. And that's including Italy !!! We left Munich and flew to Rome, dreaming about clear blue skies, a lot of pasta and pizza, cups of coffees and gelatto, in awe and inspired by Italian architecture, fashion and lifestyle, and many more. But unfortunately when we arrived in Rome it was raining non-stop, the road was wet and we didn't have any umbrella, it was just gloomy, crowded and dirty near Tiburtina station. We didn't want the first impression ruined our Italian dream so we decided to keep exploring and heyy guess what, even a bad weather couldn't make Italy less pretty. Walking under the rain through the little streets without actually knowing where to go was one of my favorite things about Rome. While coffee break at cafes always sound like a great idea to me, seriously I never imagined myself would wandering around Rome that day and if only I knew I would spent my entire 26 year old traveling..well thats how we call life is an adventure. And as I am turning 27 this summer, couldn't think of a better birthday present but returning to Europe. You never know how life will surprise you

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