Sunday, April 17, 2016

From Singapore With Love

Greetings from Singapore,

I haven't written anything for the past 3 months that last week when I found out Her World Indonesia published one of my travel articles, I knew I had to get back on my computer again, update the blog or simply just write...write anything. Continue what I was doing before, to create and explore more...and see how far I can go. Talk about living a well balanced life, juggling between my career in entertainment industry, music, passion and interests in travel writing, culture and lifestyle. 

Life has been incredibly amazing for the past few months...well, actually since before I can remember. Few weeks ago while looking at the city view from my office, I still found it hard to believe my wonderful year with Disney World continued traveling to more than 13 countries lead me back to Singapore. Countless rejections, failures, trials and errors while walking the uneasy path, question marks ( and of course those magical days spent at Disney World ) .. who knew it brought me once again to a dream job I've always wanted to do. Working with bunch of talented and passionate people from different backgrounds, where I feel beyond lucky to have all the time and freedom I ever needed to create awesome things, dancing and singing along from my table whenever I found cool tracks, brainstorming ideas and stories with glasses of martinis with my colleagues after work at our favorite bars, and.. one of the best parts is definitely coming back home to my new apartment where I can breathe, relax, recharge, playing dress-up, and begin again.

Here's some shots I took on my first week in Singapore, I promise more to come. 

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