Sunday, February 28, 2016

New Chapter

Always home sweet home - Cherating Beach

          I was in Soekarno-Hatta airport when i wrote this. As usual, I don't mind at all to arrive early in the airport only to enjoy my coffee, people-watching, write something..anything on my journal, then finally walk to find my gate. It's funny how airport feels more like home to me than Jakarta itself, especially last year spending 13 months on the road, I had no idea how many times I went to the airport and all the excitements of starting another new journey begun from there. I just love when the plane starts to take off and can fly, you feel absolutely fine to be above the clouds, everything..including your dreams and hopes seem so close, almost real, perhaps it's not me having too much Disney's magical moments but I guess it's just me..Gyscha when she's happiest. 
         I still remember when my best friends dropped me at the airport few years ago. They hid at the restaurants, dressed up in white, brought me a bouquet of white roses..just to show me how much they love and believe in me..that I can go thousand miles, be whatever I want to be, see things on a big scale..after almost 10 years friendship - their love and support still there, never fade away. It just make me smile to think about how many amazing people have invested so much in me and for that, I want to give the best, I want to live life to the fullest..with purpose. Speaking of which, this time last year I booked myself one way ticket to Seattle. I packed my stuff, felt super excited to imagine myself exploring the West Coast USA from Seattle all the way to San Diego. On the way to the airport I told myself I wanted to do something bigger than what I did before with Disney World, wasn't sure what kind of job it is..but I knew I wanted to stick in creative industry, I want to deal with entertainment and inspire people through story, music, art, photography, do business trips to New York, London, Stockholm.. Oh well some people who know how a dreamer I am, I can continue with these lists for hours. Creative has no boundaries, same things with dreams. So the plane took me to my first stop Seattle, obviously I didn't know I would dance to Billie Jean inside a huge theater where Cirque Du Soleil performed, or walked alone by myself only to find the Golden Gate, drove around with my friend Jeff to grab ice cream, a day hanging out in Disneyland with Chanapha..even continue the journey to Europe then Asia for a year - well talking about life surprises, that's what you gonna get when you decide to go into the unknown. 
       Stealing the quote from Paulo Coelho, making desicion was only the beginning of things. When you make a decision, you are really diving in a strong current that will bring you to places you never dreamed of when you first made that decision.  And thats what happened again today.  I still can't believe what life trying to show me after exploring 17 countries through so many ups and downs only to see the most beautiful ending I could never imagined in my life. I landed myself a dream job in one of the coolest company, in a new country. I am going to work with so many creative people in music industry, I have the privilege to listen to as many songs as I want, have my freedom to create and there will be more to come. I found myself nervous, I don't know what's gonna happen in the future but I know it's a bigger, better episodes..exactly like what I asked when I left Disney. It wasn't an easy journey, it wasn't always about rainbows and crazy parties, but the moment I decided to stop following the crowd and created my own path.. even on some long nights where I worked hard on my articles or music.. I just knew the long journey would take me to new places where the magic and possibilities waiting. I believe when you want big changes in your life, you definitely can make it happen but it all starts from you. Sometimes I didn't know where to begin, but just start anyway, take any little steps even tip toe if you'll eventually get there. 

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