Saturday, November 28, 2015


I love to get lost, to wander around new places for hours without a map and I can always stop anytime I want in any cafe for a cup of coffee continue with people watching or daydreaming from my seat. Oh possibly one of my favorite things about traveling. And the best place to get lost so far ? Definitely Milan ! The fashion scene is interesting, of course everybody knows that. The Duomo took my breath away and I could never get enough of espresso, pasta and gelato I found at Navigli District but let's be honest here...Lost in a sea of Italian suits in the most beautiful men’s street fashion I’ve ever seen was just one of the best things about Milan. It's inspiring, vibrant, loud and exceptionally beautiful. Well talk about Italian does it better...

Ps :
Getting around in Milan is really easy and convenient. Four metro lines, tram, buses and overground metropolitan train connect the whole city. You can either purchase the single fare costs ( EUR 1,50 ) or a 24 hours pass ( EUR 4,50 ) to explore Milan. 

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