Monday, October 19, 2015

Nha Trang, Vietnam

"Wait... Am I in Miami ? or Vietnam ?" 

I arrived in Nha Trang quite early after 10 hour something bus ride from Hoi An. Instead of going to find my hotel and rest, I decided to have a morning walk along the beach. What could be a better way to start the day with the ocean breeze, salt water and sands stuck between my toes ? Almost a month now exploring Vietnam, I still caught myself in awe every time I visit new places. The country has everything you want for any kind of holiday mood, whether you want to see the nature, go on water rafting, trekking, mountain or the beach, you will experience different things as you travel down south from Hanoi.  

I didn't do any research about Nha Trang - as usual I booked my bus ticket on a very last minute, decided to let everything happened spontaneously and see if the city could surprise me in a way other cities did. My first impression about Nha Trang was the city reminded me a lot about Miami. Well, minus good tacos, the cool cars and hot chicks on the street, but Nha Trang is charming in its own way. It wasn't even 5 am but the local people and tourists seemed ready to start the day and make the most of it. Some of Vietnamese were busy exercising in the park while many took a quick dip and shared the good laughs.. It was early in the morning alone with the sunrise, I found Nha Trang beach to be one of the most peaceful places in Vietnam. 

When in Nha Trang, I love to grab my souvlaki from Pita GR Restaurant or Lanterns also offers delicious western or Vietnamese food while butter chicken and naan bread from Ganesh Restaurant is a good change from Vietnamese food. Many people would recommend you to go to Vinpearl Land - an amusement park or can we say mini Disneyland ? But after a year working in Disney World, I skipped Vinpearl and just being lazy on the beach all day. Afterall it's always worth to visit Vietnam's most popular beach destination, plenty of things to do like a day trip to Bai Dai, scuba diving, Ba Ho waterfalls, cooking classes - Nha Trang is constantly growing, there's always something for everyone.

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