Thursday, October 15, 2015

Da Lat - Vietnam

Being on the road constantly is an incredible and indescribable lifestyle, even to be honest it's not always easy ( like I was sick two days ago ) but to experience magical things like waking up in new places, falling in love with the cities, people, culture, sharing happiness and dinner with new friends or local artists, having all the time and space I ever needed to chase my dreams are definitely things I would never trade with anything less.... ( than working for Travel Channel as travel tv presenter , or any cool jobs related to travel basically. Okay you can dream big. )
I am currently in Dalat, Vietnam, at the beginning I had a plan to stay here for 3 days only, well ended up a week now just because I love the city atmosphere, it's the mix of old French colonial, Chinese and Vietnamese culture with a fresh mountain air and wide selections of culinary and obviously nature to explore, Dalat has officially became one of my favorite cities in Vietnam. Did I mention it's even cheaper than any major cities ?
I love to start my day walking around the lake or town center in the morning when it's really quiet and peaceful, continue with good breakfast either at One More Cafe or street food, then catching up on some readings and writing, maybe explore couple of restaurants and cafes...but my favorites are Artist Alley Restaurant for dinner - I love their avocado salad and the other night my friend and I had a great dinner with the owner Mr Vo Trinh Bien, the man behind all those beautiful paintings you'll find inside the restaurant. Very inspiring. I like Bicycle Up for afternoon coffee, Windmills Cafe to reply emails and update blog, Dalat night market for noodle beef soup and people-watching, last but not least Da Quy and Lien Hoa bakery and restaurant for lunch or dinner. Even just in a week, it's pretty amazing how I feel like I belong to this little city. If you have a plan to visit Vietnam anytime soon, make sure to put Dalat on your itinerary and do visit those restaurants I mention above.  

Delicious avocado salad at Artist Alley Restaurant, Dalat
The talented local artist Vo Trinh Bien painted for his customers at Artist Alley Restaurant, Dalat
Vo Trinh Bien painted for us during dinner at Artist Alley Restaurant


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