Sunday, September 20, 2015

Take Me Somewhere Only We Know

One unforgettable magical morning ( also the sweetest date... ) with Orlando Hot Air Balloon to experience what is it like to step into a dream. Been living in Orlando for a year I had no idea at all you can do hot air balloon ride in the neighboring town Kissimeee. The sun hasn't even risen yet when the staff picked us up, after almost 20 minutes drive we finally arrived in an empty land where some other tourists were waiting patiently while the balloon crew started to take out the equipment from the truck. It was as if you were in the scene of movie Up where Mr Carl Fredricksen took you up up and away... For once, I felt like time stop ticking for few seconds, my mind was drowning somewhere to dreamland, my head almost touch the sky. There's something truly beautiful yet powerful about the sun arise. It breathes new hope, new beginning, another promising day. Orlando looked so peaceful from above, the pilot then took us closer to Disney World area, for an hour he let me daydreaming away, he also let other couples celebrating their love, continued with champagne toasts and breakfast. Honestly, I wouldn't mind at all waking up to a stunning sunrise like this every morning. Now if you're planning to visit Orlando anytime soon, or want to surprise your beloved ones...there's a lot of excuses to celebrate life, go contact the professional team at Orlando Hot Air Balloon to book your spot.

Hot Air Balloon Orlando

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