Thursday, September 24, 2015

Summer Love : New York City

     Flashing back to last June where I was in New York City for a week to celebrate my birthday. It feels so unreal but extremely happy to explore the city and enjoy a little bit of my summer break.
    New York is so much to me, when I visited the city for the first time in 2014 I found the city is a constant source of inspirations, I can't help but loving the energy,  dreams, colors and thousand of opportunities New York could possibly offer. 
    When I'm visiting the big apple, I love to take my Canon G16 with me and exploring the streets. It never gets old to capture all the little details with one or two coffee breaks in between. Looking back those days when I went through some hard times and failed a lot - at the beginning I thought I wouldn't go anywhere but now I believe failures or rejections only lead you into a better thing, better place. We learn a lot, we fall and get up, to have such a positive attitude, love yourself first and put your happiness as your priority do help a lot to make all your dreams come true. Second visit in New York, I stayed with Broadway Hotel very closed from Central Park. I had so much fun did morning run around the park, took stroll along Soho, had a bite at Little Italy and Chinatown, walked around Broadway before the Lion King show started, stop for few seconds in front of the backstage doors just to admire and dream how it feels like to be a part of Broadway theater production, maybe dance and sing on the stage under the spotlights.  All I knew I booked my one way ticket to America, landed myself a job with Disney ... here's only the beginning of billion amazing things coming on my way


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