Sunday, September 13, 2015

Santa Barbara, CA

Let's take a little break from Euro trip and let me take you to one of the best episodes in my life when I was visiting Santa Barbara last March.

If I have to describe the beautiful American riviera in one word, that would be love. Love for the first sight ? Possibly. Afterall Santa Barbara offers endless beauty, perfect sunsets, the beach, wine and amazing food you just can't resist, beautiful people, restaurants and cafes, oh the nature and stunning view you could never get enough, so it's not so hard to fall in love with this town. Even though when I arrived there I was mentally and physically super exhausted from a long journey exploring West Coast USA for a month non-stop, but by the end of it to see Santa Barbara has everything I ever dream about living a simple life in a pretty little town, I felt I got my energy back and couldn't wait to explore more. Especially I had a little mission to find my favorite American sweetheart Miss Kelsey Roberts that I had an honor to work together at Club Med Cherating Beach 5 years ago, we ended up having wine at  Deep Sea Winery - a place that I would suggest anyone to have a glass of wine or two, simply because celebrating life with wine and surrounded by Santa Barbara stunning view just...perfect. I told Kelsey if i could choose any places in the world to live, I would definitely pack my stuff and move to Santa Barbara. It's small, less crowded, but they have everything you need, from pretty shops, unique coffee shops, theater, art galleries..and the best part was when Kelsey and her amazing parents were being so kind to take me out for dinner and we got to see the sunset, continued with delicious food and cocktails. Something pretty cool about working with Club Med and Disney, you ended up having friends everywhere. At the beginning I thought I wasn't really good at handling goodbyes but as I keep traveling and been really fortunate to see many places in the world, there I found myself reunited again with bunch of special people. Many thanks for The Roberts family for the warmth hospitality, look forward to coming back home soon. 


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