Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Pursuit of Happiness : South East Asia

My blog posts have been bouncing around back and forth between continents, countries and places around the world that after 7 months traveling it's a little difficult to update it regularly especially when I don't have my laptop with me on the road ( but always try my best to do it from smart phone ) and few weeks ago I had to switch my blog from Squarespace to Blogger only to lose a lot of pictures. Oh well...Recently I just got back from 2 weeks trip in Vietnam after few days hanging out in Luang Prabang and a month in Thailand. With a total of 70 hour something sleeping bus ride, hopping from one hostel to another, countless bowls of noodle soups, I can't wait to share the whole crazy adventures with my readers and hope one day you'll get to do it too as traveling in South East Asia has always been one of my dreams ( after I did it for the first time in 2012 ) - I'm so happy to return and take my time exploring the beauty of Asia. Meanwhile, here's a couple of shots I took from Thailand to Vietnam - I like these pictures for different emotions but mostly you can capture the happiness there. Of course there's more to come as I woke up early this morning and started working on those missing posts, I couldn't be more grateful to have opportunities visiting amazing places on earth and hopefully the story and photos can inspire you as much as the world continuously inspires me.
Daydreaming Away - Bangkok
Street Food - Bangkok

School Trip to Doi Suthep - Chiang Mai
When A Smile Brings Happiness - Chiang Mai
Best Friend Forever - Hanoi
A Smile is The Best Makeup A Girl Can Wear - Hanoi
Never Goes Out Of Style, Sir
Coming Home Soon, Son

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