Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Postcards from Magic Kingdom

Here's the thing about working at Disney World, you could never get sick of the castle at the Magic Kingdom. Well, maybe a little bit, as a cast member, you probably have the love and hate relationship with Magic Kingdom, especially to know how the park can be brutally hectic during some big holidays, but as a fan of Disney - this place will always have that magic and isn't it why they call it the happiest place on earth ? When I started working with the company - I was very lucky to get a chance doing the backstage tour, to see with my own eyes all the little details and how the dream factory bring the fantasies into life. The magic did not stop there, everyday there's always a thing or fact too many things you can learn from the biggest entertainment company in the world. Surrounded by creative people in a very dynamic and international working environment, I still have to pinch myself sometimes for being incredibly lucky to experience all the great things, including one very looooong night where we had to filming for a commercial break from 11 pm to 5 am with my partner in crime Kathalizsa. Got to see some creative people playing with the lights at the castle was one of my favorite moments in Disney World, it was truly inspiring - to prove me once again the power of hard work, persistence and dream. I decided to share few photos of the castle here on my personal blog to remind me how far I've come and I definitely look forward to many more adventures in life... Asia next week ? 
Magic Kingdom, Disney World
The castle at Magic Kingdom during winter
One magical night at Disney World during shooting commercial
If you can dream it, you can become it - Walt Disney
Tell me one of  your biggest dream ? Working for Disney World, checked.
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