Thursday, September 17, 2015

One Day Trip to Atlanta

A little update from our previous one-day trip to Atlanta last week. Thank you Megabus for making our trips easier even though their new bus stop in Orlando is a bit far to reach, but afterall what we needed was cheap tickets and being spontaneous to visit Atlanta ! 8 hours bus journey from Orlando to Atlanta was easy, not so much convenient but oh well - me and my friends were all excited for Atlanta. Perfect weather, clear blue skies, lots of laughs and jokes, didn't plan anything and that's how you actually will end up having way too much fun jumping from one place to another. We had a little breakfast near Marta Civic Center and start the journey by visiting The World of Coca Cola. I fell in love with their vintage posters, various of coca cola flavors, the whole history and business concept, including the little video clip they played for us about happiness at the cinema, was really touching that i actually cried, I know..I know..drama queen ! Then we moved to CNN for a tour around their giant studio. Working for Disney is absolutely cool, but growing up with a dream to be a tv presenter, I still find tv studios are the perfect, happiest place to work - even in reality it's not like that at all, at the moment I'm grateful to have ticked off Disney out of my bucket list and still hoping one day it's my turn to sit inside the studio, reading news from teleprompter and work with some of inspiring creative people from entertainment and media industry. We also did Skyview Of Atlanta, shopping at Underground, Hope you enjoy my latest post from Atlanta,  a perfect city to visit for a day. Meanwhile about to take off now to new destinations...

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