Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New York is Love

New York is Love
    A quick post from New York before I'm sharing with you soon on the blog about my recent trip in South East Asia a month ago and I'm coming back this weekend to work on a special project with one of the best boutique hotels in Saigon.
  I found this book New York Is... when I was visiting The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Never thought so many words can describe what New York really is til I open the book and enjoy reading every single page.  
   If you could describe New York in one word, what would it be ? For me, love is one really strong word describes New York best. I arrived here last March for the first time, and it wasn't difficult at all to fall in love with the people, the city- oh even the hustle-bustle too, the theaters, lights, food, fashion, ambitions. The whole atmosphere, energy, colors, movements inspired you. I could just pretend to be Carrie Bradshaw take a stroll along SoHo or Times Square, admiring couples fall in love, those fashionable people from distance and curious about their stories, daydreaming maybe after Disney - I can land myself a job here. Who knows ?

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