Saturday, September 26, 2015

I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel - Your Sleek and Stylish Home Away From Home

I believe when you travel, you’re looking for new places that you’d be proud to call your new home, maybe the local people treat you like a family, maybe you get to stay in a hotel that feels more like a home than your real home, or the city just happen to steal your heart so you feel like you belong there. Coming back to Ho Chi Minh City after 4 years, I had a privilege to experience the newly launched boutique hotel in town. For one lovely night I lived in a dream, I've finally found a sleek, stylish hideaway for a perfect escape at I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel.

Located conveniently at 30/57 Nguyen Chuu Van which is not exactly on the main road but only 5 – 10 minutes away from the city center by taxi, this brand new boutique hotel is a perfect getaway from the hustle bustle of Saigon. With a little Parisian vibe - the sleek and stylish design, combined with pastel colors, pretty tiles, modern character and fabulous service make I am Vietnam Boutique at their very young age stand out as one of the best boutique hotels in Vietnam. Ha Nguyen as the Director of I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel wanted to create a new home away from home for her guests from all over the world, with the fact that there’s not many boutique hotels in Vietnam, she saw this as a challenge and opportunity to make a different. The chic boutique hotel has 20 rooms, all big and spacey, with white acts as the dominant color, a little touch of pastel and of course we can’t skip how THE TILES here play such a bold and unique character...Together with her beautiful team, they love to share the inspiration through art, design, food and passion that you can catch easily here at I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel. Here's another good news, in October they're going to launch the rooftop bar, with the best selection of food and drinks - this just going to add another reason to call I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel as your sleek and stylish home away from home.

Come have a look inside...
A little Parisian vibe at I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel...your new favorite home away from home in Saigon

A sweet welcome message from the wonderful staff of I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel, Saigon
I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel knows how to spoil and inspire the travelers
It's all about pastel colors and pretty tiles at I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel
Pretty tiles at I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel
Fun weekend at I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel
Welcome  I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel
Details at I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel
Your new favorite home away from home in Saigon... I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel
I am Vietnam Boutique Hotel is all about sleek, stylish boutique hotel


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