Saturday, September 12, 2015

Disneyland Paris

A quick visit to Disneyland when I was in Paris last June. Always making the most of my complimentary tickets or benefits as Disney Cast Members -  honestly, if someone would have told me 5 years ago I would end up myself here that day after a year working in Orlando continued with 4 months traveling from USA to Europe, seriously I wouldn't even believe it. Oh life, how funny - mysterious and magical you can be...
Disneyland Paris

A little reminder : If you can dream it, you can become it.

It's always good to return to the happiest place on earth where life seems a lot easier and colorful - nothing can go wrong, things you only think are only imaginations are real, you're surrounded by happy people. Don't you wish the world you live in could be like Disneyland ? As I sat on the bench with the castle view in front of me, having a nutella crepe and soda, in a day like this I can spend hours and hours dreaming under the clear blue skies. Picture myself in different places, asked myself what have I done recently, am I happy and what's next for Gyscha Revrita Rendy. I believe we all agree on how important to always go above and beyond and motivate yourself to be a better person, have faith that you're on your way to make your dreams come true. My friend said if you say yes to life, life will say yes to you - as simple as that. I couldn't be more happier and grateful to have walk this far, been through a loooong journey that sometimes I asked myself how could I do this, to be honest I didn't remember how I always manage to overcome my fears. The only answer : your positive attitude and how you react in every situations. I know some people who scarred to walk alone, but I can tell it's not scary as you thought. Knowing your mind is your only battleground and it's actually easy to switch from negative thoughts into a positive ones. As you train yourself to always remain optimist, positive and your happiness is your priority, no need to see the other grass is greener - boom, you make it ! 

Been through countless flights, transits, sleepless nights in the airports, waking up in new places and life never fails to surprise me day by day, I am not shame at all to be proud of all the achievements I made lately. It might be small victories but it meant a lot. How I fell in love with photography, did interview with VoA last year, I tried my best to manage my travel blog and do lots of trials-error, wrote articles for other travel websites, got up after several rejections and found myself wandering around different countries again - it was all a truly beautiful journey I could ever ask for. As I have learned a lot of things on the road, I can't help but wanting bigger and better things in my life. I want to travel more, through long hours flight to places I've never been before. I become more curious of how people live and think on the other side of the world. Just like what Fitzgerald said, I want to see places and let my mind to grow, I want to see things happen on a big scale. I really want to get involved in big productions, able to share my ideas and working with bunch of inspiring and creative people make dreams come true. I want to move to New York city and pursuing my career in some cool companies, with office location just few blocks away from Times Square. I picture myself be that girl who dress up well and walk confidently with heels knocking on the pavements, have coffee in my hand while my mind thinking what can I do today to make closer to my dreams. Perhaps it's not because I watched too much American movies but obviously I love the idea about New York offers endless opportunities, its a concrete jungle where dreams are made of. You will always find something there, ways to make your dreams come true. And that's what i've been working on for the past years to move to the big apple and do big things, maybe get to win and experience the world's big opportunities. It's not just local, but it's international. Then I want to continue inspiring people, be a positive and optimist person that people would look up to especially when they almost give up. In me, they can find another reasons to never quit and always go above and beyond. Just like how I always find reasons and inspirations on my journey and people I meet along the way, let's celebrate life

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