Tuesday, September 22, 2015


So happy to finally published my article from Chicago after been sitting here in my computer since last December ? Losing many photos on the blog after switching back to Blogger few weeks ago wasn't cool at all because it means I need to re-upload the photos, but to find these shots I took when I was in Chicago just never failed to put smile on my face as it was my very first Christmas holiday in States and I got to visit New York, Chicago continued with Boston and they were just too pretty during winter, left a lot of memories that I look forward to coming back soon.

     Chicago, without doubt, is one of my favorite cities in America. Massive thanks to The Borgmans and The Hostys for the warm hospitality, because of you guys I had the best time in Chicago. My favorite man Connor picked me up in the airport, can't thank Disney enough for sending some really special people in my life that we all now become more than just good friends, even more like family.
     Tinley Park - where I was staying in Chicago - is a beautiful suburbs, only 20 minutes away to the city. We spent most of the afternoons exploring downtown, from the German Christmas market, Ferris wheel,  til some good restaurants like Lou Malnati's or Gino's east where you can try Chicago best deep dish pizza !  I would say winter is the best time to visit Chicago, all those beautiful Christmas decorations plus Christmas songs you could hear everywhere you go, made me feel like I was in a Christmas movie I used to watch back when I was a kid. You can even ice-skating in front of The Beans, lots of shopping, it's like every corner of the city always has something to try, to experience, even to shoot with your camera. Plus the Christmas songs you can hear  And the best part of Chicago trip ? It was when Connor introduced me to his best friend Hannah then we had dinner together with her family, everyone was really friendly that they treated us like family, sharing pizza, laughs, stories and love. Being thousand miles away from home, I learned everyone can be family. In the end of the day before I went to bed, I had to pinch myself...is this real ? Glad it was.

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