Sunday, September 6, 2015

Burano, Italy

   You know, sometimes I wish I'm a kind of traveler who plans or organize everything in advance.  I mean once in a while, why not ? Like itinerary, things to do, places to eat or drink, accommodations - I know some friends who would plan everything even months before traveling, and they don't get it why I would do my research in a very last minute or go spontaneously. Just because I hate schedules, I love being flexible and I thought isn't it what makes travel fun, when you don't really plan things but you're always in to any adventures out there. Well yes sometimes I missed few things, few places, but most of surprises me in ways I could never imagine and I love those surprises, so I think that's totally fine not to ( always ) plan your holidays. Besides now, WiFi is everywhere. Obviously they help me a lot doing a very last minute changes. Like for example we were in Venice when I found a postcard for our little niece. The postcard has four small pictures of colorful houses, I thought it'd be fun to explore that place, maybe not so far away from Venice. After we asked people around how to get there, it turned out so easy to get to Burano, a small island after Murano or about 45 minutes ferry ride from Venice Fondamente Nove stop ( $7 one way ). Sometimes you just have to be spontaneous and have fun, lots of fun. 
 We arrived in Burano around mid day, the fisherman's island was absolutely something different compare to artsy Venice. The laid back atmosphere with brightly-painted buildings, cafe, restaurants..and ohh, beautiful laces ! I could spend hours just admiring the town, local people live the simple life, immersing myself in the colors, daydreaming one day I would come back to rent the pink house for a month or two. If you come to visit Venice anytime soon, it's a must to do a day trip to Burano, Murano and Torchello. I think Burano knows well how to describe life supposed to be...Colorful, even better with coffee.

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