Thursday, September 10, 2015


If you could tell me few places in the world  you would love to return in a heart beat, what places would it be ? As much as I want to visit new places like for the past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about going to South Africa, Japan, Brasil, Mauritius Island and you know the list goes on, but  if I could have a chance to return to Bali, New York, Sydney, Vietnam even Barcelona – I definitely would jump in a first place. Last week I went to Barcelona for the second times and my love for the city guess just keeps growing. I couldn’t help but loving Spanish people, art, culture, lifestyle, the city is vibrant, dynamic, and multicultural that I feel wherever you go there’s just so much inspiration in the air. Perhaps it’s not me acting like a tourist but who doesn't fall in love with Barcelona ? Who doesn't feel completely in awe with Gaudi archictecture styles and many more ? I found myself incredibly happy just to walk and get lost in Barcelona little alleys – started my adventure having cortado and croissant in a local bar then continue exploring again ( mostly on foot ) from Casa Mila to Casa Batlo, Sangrada Familia, Park Guell, to the beach then another street where I had conversation with the local artist and absolutely admiring his art pieces, oh even happier when I found out Barcelona has Indonesian restaurant just next to Placa de Catalunya. That's one thing you could never take the indonesian out of the girl no matter wherever she goes or how long she's been away from home, having authentic Indonesian food is a must especially after being away from home for more than a year all I want to eat just something spicy and oily reminds me of home. Betawi Restaurant offers many authentic Indonesian cuisine with a pretty affordable lunch menu set only €12 including appetizers, main course, dessert and drinks. If you dare to try something different apart of paella and tapas, go grab a bite there at Betawi - you'd love the chicken curry, martabak telur and rice with roasted chicken. Walking around the city from 9am til 10 pm got me super exhausted but it was definitely two days well spent in Barcelona and I promised myself would return again. In the mean time,  I'm currently in Paris for few days. Someone's having way too much fun exploring the city ( thanks to Walid and Salim for being the best tour guide I could ever ask ) As usual every year I try my best to celebrate my birthday in different places, while last year I was so lucky to celebrate my big day in New York and Washington DC, well this time might be a little too early but you know the rules..the birthday girl can do whatever she wants even celebrating for the whole June - it's totally acceptable. 
Ps : I was staying with Urbany Bcn Hostel. The hostel was really clean, they have a tiny pool in the rooftop and strategically located in the center - if you book online you can get a deal up to €13 per night in dormitory rooms with 6 beds. Pay with cash to avoid paying extra €2 with credit cards for booking fee. 

This is how we summer. in Barcelona

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