Sunday, August 30, 2015

Travel Better and Smarter with NobelApp

The surprising thing I take with me on my travels
If you were to guess what I take with me on almost any trip you would probably mention stuff like a backpack, a toothbrush, a map, a tablet, a notebook, a smartphone, or something like that. These are things that are very useful when you travel abroad but what I found after going away from home for weeks and even months at a time is that what matter most is to be able to communicate whenever I want and with whomever I want, no matter the country. So on my “to bring along” list you will always find the NobelCom calling cards and the International Calling App NobelApp. The reason is simple, it allows me to call anyone I want at very low costs.
Do you know how much hassle you can avoid if you can arrive in a completely new country with your own smartphone or tablet and be able to call your hotel, your host or your local friend? It’s hugely helpful and it gives me even more confidence to travel alone as a girl.

Finding your way with NobleApp
There are times when I need to find my hotel or my AirBnB host and the only thing I got is a vague address and a phone number. Calling the hotel or the host to ask for directions in English will surely save you even hours of wandering on the dubious streets of a new city. With an app like NobleApp that allows me to use any WiFi connection, local 3G connection or even any phone to call whomever I want for just a few cents per minute you feel so free. Most travelers don’t even know they have this option and they miss out on so much. 

Keeping in touch with friends and family
Another thing I noticed after traveling in the past few years is that I tend to miss my friends and family in Indonesia and that I feel the need to share what I discover with them. Not everyone back home has reliable Internet all the time or have time to Skype with me so it is super convenient to be able to call them on their mobile phone with no worries about the cost, no matter where I am in the world.
Whenever I arrive in a new country where I know I will stay for at least one week I get a local SIM card with a convenient data plan. This allows me to use the data connection for NobelApp in order to call my friends in Indonesia. I can even purchase NobelApp calling cards for my friends and top up their account so they can also call me whenever they have news or want to know where I am and how I am doing.
One of my goals is to inspire more women to travel and explore the world and I know that many of them are afraid to do it. One way to make it easier and gain more confidence is to have an easy way of getting in touch with the people you love and trust. So just give NobelApp a try and follow your dreams!

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