Friday, August 14, 2015

Porto Cristo, Spain

As far as i remember, in my life I've never heard any single thing about Porto Cristo. Never had a single dream about Spain, obviously I heard about Barcelona and Ibiza but that was it. You know life has a special plan for you, even though some days can be tough and things get blurry, you have no idea where you'll be heading next, you just have to enjoy the ride - like riding a rollercoaster, believe wherever you are now that's all happening for a good reason.

Previously we were in Perissa, Santorini for 5 days, thought we'd be spending 6 months working in paradise but as soon as we found out the whole situation unfortunately didn't even close to our expectations, we decided to book our last minute flight tickets to Barcelona and took a Transmediterania ferry to Palma de Mallorca. We were pretty lucky to get a job offer at Porto Cristo, a small town about an hour away from Palma. So we left Santorini with peace and tons of good photos, look forward for a great adventure in Porto Cristo.

I love love love the way life surprises me, life seems so much better when you surrounded with people who simply different to you, like they speak different languages and different background, some days I was in a little old town Burghausen on the border of Austria and Germany - my ear trying to listen and catch the new words i've never heard before when I had a chat with bunch of Bavarians, while the other week I was in Italy surrounded by real classy Italian women at Cinque Terre, and after a crazy week in Santorini I continued my journey to Spain, did not know a single thing about Porto Cristo but could smell a fun adventure with great people. I wish i could speak many languages..

The living cost in Porto Cristo is pretty affordable, we live in a studio type apartment located just next to the famous Cuevas Del Drach which cost us $300/month, only few minutes walk to the town center and the beach, we mostly love the laid back vibes in Porto Cristo where it's such a simple joy to have cocktails or cortado and tapas near the bay. Obviously there's a lot of things you can do in Porto Cristo like snorkeling, kayaking, trekking, wall climbing, cave diving, scuba diving, yesterday we went on a boat excursion to explore the sea caves and it was stunning !! After a year working and two months traveling ( I know sounds like a tough life ), I decided to have a little break here, slow down for a month welcoming Summer as I found Porto Cristo actually quite a perfect place for relaxation. The art of doing nothing..

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