Saturday, August 15, 2015

Past. Present. Future

Whoaa Saturday ! It's been a looooong day, but fun !! Zsa Zsa took me to watch the broadway show, Les Miserables in town - so we decided to dress up, put a little lipstick, left early from apartment, giggling - dancing under the rain, had a little walk at Downtown Orlando before heading to Orlando Shakespeare Theater and found ourselves in awe with the whole performance. While waiting for the show to begin, I thought all my life, I have always been in love with stage, entertainment. I hit the stage for the first time when I was in kindergarten - then centerstage, under the spotlight became my most favorite place on earth to be. Les Miserables set, costumes, music, actors were amazing, some people just really lucky  to have talents, like singing, dancing and acting, they have opportunities to actually explore themselves and shine bright in the middle of centerstage. I was lucky too - few years ago I had chances to collaborate with amazing choreographers and other performers in Club Med Malaysia and Bali. I could never forget the entertainment manager came to me when I just started working with them and he knew how much I wanted to perform, I started with a very small part and my choreographer gave me a chance to do bigger part. Now as I'm sitting in the theater, watched the actor singing - I told Zsa Zsa I have this dream to run a theater company in Indonesia, knowing that entertainment or theater company itself never been that big and I always see people there hungry of entertainment, especially kids. Parents in Jakarta send their kids to malls, and in the future, I know I don't want to be one of them, instead, I want my kids to appreciate art and fall in love with it. I want children at their very young age to see lots of performing arts, go to cultural events, get their little hands to make more art and crafts, be brave to get on the stage, that was one of my goals, big dreams, and it's not easy to make it happen but doesn't mean impossible. I guess that's why I am here right now, in the right place, the right moment, to see lots of shows, to be inspired and motivated, to travel more, to learn, to grow, to make mistakes, fail and get up. Hopefully one day, I'll make my way back home to build something for my people, my friends, family, children, make it possible for them who dream to be a performer but don't know where to go, create beautiful shows and get people to watch them. And yes, it's almost 1 am now, feeling a little tired but those who really know me, they know how energetic I could be even in the hour like this. I had a little skype session with my girls back in Jakarta. One of them gave a birth last month and after seeing her with a baby boy, I just couldn't believe that she's a mother ! A mother from a beautiful son, while my other best friend had a pre wedding photoshoot today and I was sad to missed it. When she sent me a picture, I was have grown up ! Yes, I can't believe how time flies, and my girls have grown up, just like me. Andinia was once my college girl, my flatmate, around 6 years ago someone broke her heart and now...she's at her happiest being with the love of her life. Well, afterall everyone seems to live their own life. Some busy preparing their wedding, another busy chasing their dreams, finishing school, making changes in their life - like me, been thinking and start doing small progress in order to make changes in my life, I couldn't be more optimist for the bigger and better thing coming on my way. Sometimes, I am worried too, but I mean, I have been there, done the worst case where I just thought this is the end but it's not, to think that this time last year - I had a job that I didn't really like and my positive attitude helped me a lot, when I got rejected from some companies - it turned out the universe brought something even better for me. So, here's a little self reminder - stay positive, never stop counting your blessings, work hard, make your own opportunities, yess travel more, see the world , celebrate your life, fall in love with colors, people, the whole world - we can make changes and create the life we've always wanted to live.

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