Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Grand Canyon, South Rim

Flashing back to one day trip to Grand Canyon, South Rim - Arizona I did last March, a place you definitely have to visit if you plan to explore the West Coast, or about 5 hours drive from Las Vegas. Since I was in Las Vegas by myself, it would be a lot easier to go to Grand Canyon with a travel agent. I was looking for the cheapest deal to get to Grand Canyon until I saw an offer for $85.99 ( including lunch buffet, early morning pick up and drop off at your hotel, you're going to visit Hoover Dam and 5 points at Grand Canyon ) from Paradise Found Tours / Grand Canyon Tour & Travel. After several discussions with their travel consultants, I came up with a decision to visit the South Rim. The journey was a lot longer than if you're going to the West Rim, but I didn't mind at all to sit in a bus, drowning myself in  music while my eyes starring at Arizona view, wonder what's going on over there and how the past 3 weeks on the road have once again changed the way I see life. Never settle for less.

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