Saturday, July 25, 2015

Penang, Malaysia

Greetings from Penang, Malaysia ! 
You have no idea how incredibly happy I am to return to Asia after been gone for almost 2 years. A month ago before my Schengen Visa expired, I told the universe I wanted to continue my journey to a new place i've never been before. After searching for flight tickets on Skyscanner, I found a really good deal to Penang from KL for $28 round trip. Have always wanted to visit Penang since many years ago cos I heard that place is a haven for food, I didn't think twice to book the tickets. Just like the previous years where I loved to treat myself a big birthday trip, turning 26 last Tuesday I couldn't think of other places to continue my USA & Euro trip but Malaysia for a week. Excited to see some good friends of mine in KL and I guess after living overseas for few years, I really need to feed myself delicious Asian food and super curious what Penang has to offer.

Flew back to KL from Istanbul not only brought me so many memories of how I started the journey with Club Med around 5 years ago ( and jetlag too ) but also the joy of coming back to Asia. I never thought the sweet scent of durian, the heat, fresh coconut, endless food stalls, diversity, old buildings and how truly beautiful Asian people and culture would make me so happy. Been extremely lucky to travel the world, even heard so many rumors about Asia isn't safe, dangerous, a sad place to live...etc ladidadidaa, I knew not all those things they mentioned are true. I will always find Asia as charming as ever, a safe place to visit, offer so much happiness, inspirations and colours...especially when you talk about food, I can make sure nothing beats Asian food. 
If you ever come to Penang, you must try nasi kandar, indian food, mee goreng / friend noodle, char kuai theow and basically dare yourself to eat the street food instead of going to the top restaurants. You'll find Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian cuisines even things you haven't heard of the names or tried before. I don't have specific places to go, my friend recommended me to go to Lorong Selamat to try char kuay theow ( RM 9 ) but I found the food was OK, the same thing with coffee and cake at China House, was a little over price but the cafe is unique and cute so if you're kind of person who loves arts - yes you should go to China House at Lebuh Pantai. I hang out mostly at Lebuh Chulia, Kimberley street and tried everything they sell on the street. Food price starts from RM 3 - RM 9 for one portion. I spent about RM 10-20 per day for meals and stayed with Roommates Penang ( RM 30 per night for dormitory room ). The hostel is small, they only have 2 rooms with each 6 beds, breakfast including and shower is at the first floor. See that's another great thing about traveling in Asia, everything is pretty affordable.

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