Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cala Rajada, Spain

I'm glad on my first trip to Europe I actually really take my time exploring beautiful places and immersing myself with the culture and surroundings, instead of rushing from one place to another just for the sake of been there, done that. 90 days obviously not enough to see all the things Europe has to offer, while traveling can be damn expensive - I found renting an apartment for a month or two helps a lot to reduce the cost especially if you don't mind to live in a quiet area like islands, suburbs or small towns...anything but avoid big cities and touristy places. Read more about living cost in Porto Cristo and what makes Cala Rajada different than any other towns in Mallorca, Spain.

Traveling in Europe for 2 months now, started the journey in Munich, continued to Italy, Santorini then Palma de Mallorca - Spain. When I landed in Palma about a month ago, I never thought I would fall in love with the beauty of Mallorca and Spanish people. The island has so many hidden paradise from the exotic beaches, caves, little bays, wait did I mention about good food and wine ? Even every little corner of the streets seem to have unique details and characteristics  which for photographer like me - it means absolutely heaven ! Another great thing that makes you have to visit  Palma de Mallorca, they provide such an easy and convenient transportation system takes you mostly everywhere you want in the island, so don't worry if you don't have a car with you. Meanwhile, yesterday we made it to Cala Rajada...umm say, about 40 minutes ride from Porto Cristo or you can take TIB bus no.441 from Porto Cristo Moll bus stop. While the previous towns I've ever been like Porto Colom and Porto Cristo occupied by old couples or retiree, Cala Rajada seems to be the place where the young people go for summer. Just a little more crowded and dynamic, colorful, as usual you can find many tapas beach bar and accommodation at different rates, it's still not too late to organize your upcoming holidays perhaps this year at Mallorca or Cala Rajada ?

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