Tuesday, May 19, 2015

This is How I Vegas

"Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"
It seems like everyone has stories in Las Vegas. Including me .My story started on a last minute decision to take Megabus from LA to Las Vegas. You know when you're in California - you just can't skip Las Vegas. First, i've always wanted to see Grand Canyon, and second perhaps I'm lucky enough to get a good deal on Cirque Du Soleil shows. I arrived early morning, dropped my bag at Hostel Cat ( $22/night ) and met a girl from Vancouver before we decided to explore the city together. She told me she knew the city really well so could be my tour guide for a day. Sweet. I only heard things about Las Vegas obviously from media or movies, it's been on my bucket list for a while but to be honest I never thought I'd make it. Las Vegas is ... something.  When you walk along the Las Vegas strip, you can feel the dynamic energy. For a second I feel like playing a cameo in a hip hop video clip where girls with nice booty passed by with shopping bags, ridiculously good looking gentleman, street performers, and just when I thought only Disney World can do an excellent job at creating world show case themed park, Las Vegas does it pretty neat with different hotel themes you'll catch easily as you keep walking towards the Mandalay Bay. From New York to Paris, Venetian to unique Excalibur, each hotels not only rich of details, but they also offer different nightly show, wide variety of entertainment and of course casino casino casino - isn't it why you're going to Vegas ? Even rumour has it they're about to expand the hotels by building some more and adding new themes like Philippines, China, Japan , etc. Wow now I Look forward to seeing little Asia in Vegas.  
In the evening I went to see Cirque Du Soleil One at Mandalay Bay. Never imagined myself would sit in theater at Las Vegas dancing to Billie Jean and daydreaming it would so cool to be a part of Cirque Du Soleil dream team ( I am not doing circus, of course ) The show was amazing. Beautiful set, costumes, talents, lighting, sick sick sick choreography. One of the dancers has only one leg but he proved everyone including me that sky is the limit. The key is believe.  Later after the show I went out for drinks with the Vancouver chic I met earlier at the hostel. She told me she was a little upset as she didn't get the job.
"What job ?" 
She left Vancouver few days ago to do few auditions to get some dance gigs. Unfortunately the competition is tough, it was a very long day for her line up with other girls - she complained the manager was horrible but she didn't stop there. She excitedly told me she would head back to LA and give it a try at LA famous night clubs. After few shots of tequila, she kissed my cheeks goodbye "Nice to meet you. But I gotta go, darling. I met a guy.."
"Good luck in LA" 
I have only spent less than 24 hours in Vegas but the city and people inspired me a lot. She wasn't the only girl fighting to get a dance gig and behind Cirque Du Soleil stage there's even more talents, courage, hard work and opportunities, right before I left the Las Vegas strip I turned my back for the last time - all those buildings, hotels, night clubs, casino, every single thing in this city have kept so much stories and secrets. I wish they could talk. I don't know how many other girls feeling broken or torn apart behind those show curtain, people celebrating life, or perhaps runaway from frustration and anger, some people sacrifice their life, struggle really hard, while others just won big things and craving for more. That's life. And what was my story ? Tonight I am one of those who won the big things, no not money, but my dreams came true and I am proud to have come so far after years struggling and work hard. I promised myself I won't give up, I am ready for more...including my little adventure toGrand Canyon South Rim tomorrow.   

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