Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gyscha Rendy on VOA Indonesia

...and then you have dreams. You tell the universe about it... The next morning you wake up, you'll be surprised how they conspire to make it happen. Just for you."
Last June I went to Washington DC to attend an interview with VOA Indonesia. On the way to the studio, I thought life is funny, sometimes. The universe has its own way to make any dreams come true. I remember few years ago I had this dream to work with VOA as a TV Presenter. I applied many times, I failed - maybe because I didn't have any experience working for media, but you know at least I tried. Then at that time I was chatting a lot with my friend's sister Nurviana Mubtadi who was a radio announcer then moved to work for MediaCorp Singapore. She told me she was working her way to be an international broadcaster for VOA, I'm glad she actually made it. We haven't spoken to each other for a very long time til we reunited again at VOA Studio and she happened to interview me regarding my current job with The Walt Disney Company. One afternoon sitting with VOA Indonesia team reminded me that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better. The key is, open yourself to new opportunities and never give up. I'm not yet an international broadcaster, but I'm doing a pretty cool job with Disney. This short clip somehow show me how far I've come, I was a college girl working part time as a tourist guide, dance teacher at elementary school, I've always wanted to travel the world and curious about people, culture and entertainment industry. I didn't know how to get there but from the beginning I knew I was on my way. Been through some ups and downs, quit my job, lost and had to start all over again, I am lucky my best friends were and will always be there to support me. Their love made me stronger. As I keep traveling from one place to another, I feel like I find myself, my passion, life teach me to never settle for less and you can only begin the real adventure in life when you decided to step out of your comfort zone.

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