Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Central Park, New York

   On my birthday trip in New York last June, I was so happy to stay for few days at Broadway Hotel, which is only 10 minutes walking distance to Central Park - that one morning I decided to wake up early and run around the park. My mission was I wanted to have quality me-time, refresh my mind, maybe time travel or a little flash back to years ago, being grateful of what life has given to me, set some new goals, as in few more days I'd be turning's all about another year full of adventures. I got my coffee, chocolate croissant, and new songs in my Ipod, was really in a good mood - even the receptionist lady in the hotel noticed how happy I was. Oh wait, who doesn't feel happy when it comes to celebrating birthday or traveling to New York ? 
   As I stepped out the hotel, I checked my phone, scroll up and down the song lists and listened to "A Tout a L'heure" by Bibio, one song that my best friend gave me few months ago before I left to America, and we both agreed this song will be a perfect song to listen while taking stroll along Soho or Times Square. I smiled for a second, we both have worked really hard and through some ups and down the past year, who would have thought i'd make it here ? Well, she believes in me since the beginning.
    I started to run, enjoying how quiet the Central Park in the morning. Nice weather, saw bunch of New Yorkers playing some sports, ladies walking the dogs, a guy just sitting on the bench reading newspaper, little kids giggling and running around...reminded me of how naughty and active I was when I'm at their age. I was my mum's little girl ( and still is... ), already a good poser in front of camera, really active in singing and dancing classes, grew up watching MTV and fell in love with Times Square. Had this dream to be MTV VJs and work in Times Square, of course at that time I didn't know where exactly Times Square is - til my parents sent me to English classes and saw some brochures about summer school to America, then I came home and told my Mum I wanted to go to New York....Didn't know how to get there, but I knew I was on my way...
   Here I am now. It was a long and beautiful journey, through lots of failures that I realized every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better. No regrets, never look back, stay positive... Today, being in New York at a very special day means like a big reward after all the hard work. A prove that nothing is impossible, dreams do come true, but I'm not finished yet, I won't stop. What I see now around me ;  those skyscrapers, people, theaters, blue sky, colors, trees - they all motivate and inspire me to work harder, dare to climb a bigger mountain and never give up. Life is always full of surprises, they offer thousands of opportunities you never know where you're gonna end up if you really search for it. I can't wait to explore this city, write new goals, dream big then begin again....

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