Sunday, July 13, 2014

Barnie's Coffee Kitchen, Orlando

One fine day exploring Winter Park, Orlando with my Thai beauty Chanapha Makao. It's been 4 months now living in Orlando, as coffee drinkers we have to admit being thousand miles away from home, we really miss real good Vietnamese and Indonesian coffee... and ahh of course, can't never get enough of Asian food !!! Was so happy to find Barnie's Coffee Kitchen while walking around Winter Park, it's all about the homey atmosphere, wide selections of coffee, perfect companion, a little garden, small bookstore and the smell of Sumatra coffee made me feel like I'm home when I stepped into the coffee kitchen.

Little gem like this place is my favorite spot to spend hours just drowning myself in ideas and dreams, writing what I want to do next, drawing, sitting at my laptop reading good articles or stalking on some great blogs, people-watching, editing photos from my previous trips, and definitely working on my new website which hopefully will be launched in few more days. To be honest, I've never felt so good and this confident being a 25 year old girl. I have learnt a lot, been through ups and downs, experienced different things and traveled to many places, I feel so grateful to live such an extraordinary and colorful life surrounded by bunch of incredible people, with my current job with Disney and got bunch of interesting projects - I couldn't be more optimist and excited for the better things to come in the future.     

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